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Quality Wire Rope & Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Finding the right balance between quality and price has never been easier...

Wire rope and cable assemblies are just that; assemblies of wire and an end fitting. It is not cutting edge technology nor does it require staff members with advanced degrees. But not just anyone can do it right. At NCA, we understand that while an assembly may be fairly simple, they are often a vital piece of the overall project. To be successful, you need the top suppliers, up-to-date equipment, tough quality measures, and most importantly, the best people. NCA has drawn together the right combination of these ingredients to ensure our customers, as well as their customers, get nothing but the best.

...because at NCA, value is what we sell.

At NCA it is not about our success. It is about yours. Over the past thirty years, NCA has been doing it right. NCA will help you find the right solutions for you and your customer; will utilize our quality practices to ensure we are producing your product right to your specifications; and will get it to you at the right time and at the right price. Overall, NCA will provide outstanding value for you to share with your customer.