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Design a Cable Assembly

Finding the right balance between quality and price has never been easier...

At NCA, we understand that while an assembly may be fairly simple, they are often a vital piece of the overall project. To be successful, you need the top suppliers, state of the art equipment, tough quality measures, and most importantly, the best people. You cannot trust just anyone to do it right. NCA has drawn together the right combination of these ingredients to ensure our customers, as well as their customers, get nothing but the best. View our custom aircraft cable assemblies.

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...because at NCA, value is what we sell.

Over the past thirty years, NCA has been working with our customers across a variety of industries and applications to find the best solutions to meet their unique needs. At NCA, we employ our quality procedures and practices to ensure we are producing wire rope assembly to meet each customer’s exact specifications. Our quick turnaround and extremely competitive pricing means we can save time and money for our customers.

Bringing together our long standing experience and expertise with our access to a wide range of cable types and end fittings, our customers throughout the United States have come to trust that NCA will deliver outstanding value for them and their customers.