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Stamped Eyes and Eyelets

  • Stamped Eyes and Eyelets NCA Cable Assemblies
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Stake eyes are used on one or both ends of a lanyard.  They are one of the most common end-fitting.  Stake eyes, also known as stamped or crimp eyes, or eyelets, are fittings swaged onto the ends of the cable. Stake eyes come in various sizes according to the wire diameter, and the diameter of the eye hole allows the user to insert screws to attach to surfaces.  These cannot be swage by hand, and must be swaged by hydraulic swagers with dies to achieve the full wire strength.
  • Stainless Steel and Zinc-Plated Copper.
  • Use on cable diameters of 3/64” to ¼”.
  • Coated cable would be stripped prior to swaging to achieve maximum tolerance.
  • Various hole sizes available for each stamped eyelet size.