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Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Custom Aircraft Cable and Wire Rope Assemblies

NCA Cable Assemblies offers a full line of wire rope and aircraft cable end fittings. Our fittings are designed for installation directly onto cable or wire rope by crimping, clamping, swaging,or Speltering. Most fitting types are available in numerous sizes and materials of construction to meet the needs of nearly any customer application. Wire rope lanyard assemblies include: stamped eyelets, stop sleeves, ball shanks, strap eye and forks, fork ends, wire rope clips, thimbles, threaded studs, tabs, marine eyes, snap and winch hooks, oval sleeves for cable loops.
NCA offers aircraft cable in Stainless Steel and Galvanized for use in our assemblies and lanyards.  Our aircraft cable, whether coated or uncoated, is available in a range of diameters, constructions and grades.  We partner with suppliers who are the highest quality manufacturers and employ rigorous quality protocols and testing.
NCA wire rope cable assemblies are manufactured and customized in house. Our services include: design and fabrication, swaging, fuse cutting, cut and strip. Quality is the most important aspect of all the cable and wire rope assemblies NCA builds. NCAs services and products extends across multiple industries such as aerospace, marine, construction, agricluture, lighting, cases, laboratory, theater and stage, fire equipment, to name a few.