Quality Wire Rope &

Cable Assembly Manufacturer

"One of the strengths of Amerlux is our ability to consistently deliver high perfectly performing products in a fraction of the time of our competitors, even on short-run custom orders. We search for likeminded partners who have the ability for quick turn-around with orders of any size while at the same time ensure the highest quality and accuracy. NCA is one of those independent suppliers who share our commitment to "getting it right" - whether the specs of the order or the timeliness of shipping the product to us. NCA helps Amerlux ensure our clients' projects are a success."
At QRP, our goal is to achieve total customer satisfaction. As a result of a continual commitment to our quality improvement systems, QRP produces consistent and dependable machined and assembled products at the right price; thereby generating value to our customers. We not only hold ourselves to these high standards, we demand our suppliers to fully participate in QRP’s quality focus. For over 20 years, NCA has been an important partner in QRP’s success. Their ability to quickly turn-around products is unmatched, as are their prices. NCA’s partnership and commitment to helping QRP meet our goals, has allowed us to deliver outstanding value for all our customers.