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NCA offers numerous options of end fittings from which to choose for an assembly or lanyard. What is the best end fitting option?  The most common end fittings are listed below; this list is not exhaustive however.  The end fittings come in a variety of materials and for a range of cable diameters.  Most end fitting will require our mechanical swaging to endure the assembly achieves desired tolerances.  The ultimate use of the lanyard or assembly will dictate the appropriate end-fitting for your assembly.  If you have any questions as to best option or there is a unique end fitting you need to make your assembly, please contact the NCA team. 
  • Ball, Ball with Single Shank and Ball with Double Shank.
  • Oval Sleeves for cable loops.
  • Stamped Eyelets.
  • Snap and Winch Hooks.
  • Marine Eyes.
  • Strap Forks and Eyes.
  • Stop Sleeves.
  • Tabs.
  • Threaded Studs.
  • Thimbles.
  • Wire Rope Clips.

If you are not sure what type of end fittings are the best option for your assembly or you don’t see what you are looking for, pleasecontact usand we can work with you to locate the best solution.   

NCA is also happy to incorporate our customer’s own end fittings into the assembly.

Certificate of Conformance for our end fitting used on our assemblies and lanyards is available upon request.